a Legal Assistant

What Is a Legal Assistant?

a Legal Assistant :
Paralegals play an important and critical role in the lives of attorneys. They can be called either “legal assistants” or “Legal Office Managers.” The legal assistants will be doing most of the task, while the legal office managers can also do other type of tasks. A thorough understanding of these reasons will help you decide on if a career in this field fits you.

A legal assistant is “a professional that assists attorneys with routine. clerical functions; takes care ofOpening and closings of legal files plus protecting documents.”

A legal office manager, on the other hand, is a “professional that provides administrative support for attorneys.”

While the Paralegals do many of the everyday tasks that their lawyer counterparts do, they are not allowed to handle cases. birds of a feather nowadays, so usually they end up helping their lawyer mentors with the Assistant’s former clients’ legal needs. Most Paralegals will also have become licensed by their state to handle cases.

A Paralegal may also work as a Legal Assistant “who may be asked to: prepare and review minutes or meeting minutes, take charge of appointment books and maintain a file for snail mail correspondence, or manage legal assistant files, electronic messages, and Internet-based communications for attorneys.”

So in laymen terms, what are a legal assistant and a legal office manager? In the case of most paralegals, their main duties will be office management. Most of the places they work are law firms, law offices, personal injury law firms, and other such legal areas. However, as paralegals advance from here they will begin to branch into specific areas of law to specialize in. In the legal assistant role they are expected to carry out tasks such as preparing legal documents for court cases, court procedures, attending meetings, sending legal documents to those involved in a case, providing legal advice and represent the client in court on behalf of the client. They are also responsible for miscellaneous tasks that are focused on for the close of a case.

The Paralegal is a very hands-on role in a law firm, and many Paralegals will even have to to work in the client’s offices to try to service cases.

Yes, you are correct to say that the Paralegal is a very important one. But then, the role of the legal assistant does not stop there.

Paralegals are often asked to maintain a file on the current clients and documents that may be requested by the lawyers during the litigation process. They may also be told to produce receipts, notes and other documents concerning the legal matter at hand. Although this sounds very busy for a paralegal, often the paralegal will find that behind the scenes tasks are still very strenuous work.

There is another major task that comes along with this career. Paralegals are often asked to produce transcripts of interviews. To do this they have to speak with those involved in the case by telephone or in person. This is usually very important for legal needs and often it is difficult and time consuming to do this job.

Now that these roles have been explained a bit better, do you still want to pursue a career as a Paralegal? If you really want to know how a Paralegal function it’s obviously worth checking out the links below. You will be surprised at just how close it is, even if you were convinced not to become a Paralegal.