a Virtual Assistant

How Do I Become a Virtual Assistant?

So you may be saying to yourself a Virtual Assistant is like a virtual secretary. Is that how it really works? If so, how does a virtual assistant, or real estate virtual assistant, get paid? The answer to this question is simple, form a business to service a client base. A Real estate virtual assistant does not have to have any work!

How do I become a real estate virtual assistant?

To become a real estate virtual assistant does not necessarily mean you have to have a degree, but you must have knowledge in the real estate business, that is it. Most employers look for people with talents and skills in the real estate field.

How do I find clients?

The best way to find potential clients is to make a web page, that will list some of the homes you currently oversee, some of the homes that you may visit and either contact the applicants directly or find via an ad. Position yourself as a real estate agent and obtain some clients.

How do you make a living?

Most real estate virtual assistants only work part-time. Many work only a few hours a day and earn $30-$40 per hour. Those part-timers are paid via an agency fee. The more time you work, the more money you will make. Working five hours a day, you can expect to be paid $300 a day.

An agency fee is $50-100 per week or $ Agricultural workers piecework wage. This fee is made up of various fees and is meant to pay for supplies and equipment used during the week like linens, labor, cleaning materials, desks, etc.

What is the Agency and how do I apply?

A real estate agent must be licensed by the Real Estate Commission. To get licensed, you must first make an application, and the fee is $100. This process is very simple, and the commission does not have a huge volume of cases that they have to deal with. The commissions pay $10 per application made and the average fee is $40. Every completed application typically results in 5-10 applications.

If you can sell, you will make money.

This is obvious, but having a license, orregardless of what it is, will help you arrive at work everyday prepared. Know what someone else is going to do before you try to do it. Take the time to prepare your own application, because the requirements are different, depending on which state you are in.

Pay the fee

If you are lucky enough to be hiring at this time of year, you will have to pay either a fee or some other periodic fee. The fee is not a lot of money, so don’t expect to have a problem paying it. This fee is a little more to begin with… $50.

It’s your money you are spending, nothing more. If you are short on money, this is the last time you will be short on income.

Write a great resume / cover letter

If you’ve picked up the hints, you should have a great resume. There is plenty of space on the resume to list your various experiences, and accomplishments. A good cover letter is also a key to landing another interview. You do not need to practice cover letters and you should not have a problem with it. You will need to spend some time on writing this, but it is well worth the effort.

Search online jobs well

This is a whole hectic proposition, searching all over the internet for a job. There are services that will do the searching for you, but you have to use the information you require. There are also fine Print ads in the newspaper to help you find something on your own. Plan to pay for this service… it will be worth it. You will find that what you wanted to find, was not available that online. So you had better be a little inventive.