Solo Professionals and Small Business Owners Small Business Owners : With the current state of the economy, entrepreneurs, solo professionals and small businesses need to stay focused on growing their business. They need to prevent themselves from spending countless hours managing the money and losing direction with their mission especiallyRead More →


Market Share Review Market Share Review : Fairmarket share is the share that is both available and not available to the competition, both in price and gross profit. It is perfect to use for comparing the prices of similar products, services and positions, this is similar to the market shareRead More →

How to Stay Motivated at Work

How to Stay Motivated at Work How to Stay Motivated at Work It is easy to stay motivated at work but to what we should stay motivated are a big question. The childhood 300 whether money matters or not. At school one is told that success is merit and youRead More →


What Is a Legal Assistant? a Legal Assistant : Paralegals play an important and critical role in the lives of attorneys. They can be called either “legal assistants” or “Legal Office Managers.” The legal assistants will be doing most of the task, while the legal office managers can also doRead More →

Workplace Wellness and Health

Workplace Wellness and Health Workplace Wellness and Health – There is not business out there that are going to negatively affect a business and their bottom line if that business is leaders in workplace wellness. Yet, with dwindling budgets due to this economy, there are many effecting companies when itRead More →