Video Game Testing Jobs

Video Game Testing Jobs

What Hiring Managers Look For When Hiring For Video Game Testing Jobs

Video Game Testing Jobs :
Hiring managers for video game testing jobs typically have an elevator pitch of things they’re looking for in a candidate. The hiring manager most likely has preconceived ideas about what he or she thinks gamers are, what kind of personality he or she has, and what skill sets are he or she is looking for. Often, the hiring manager will also have a number of qualities he or she is looking for in a candidate. These two combined in the hiring process will help the hiring manager find the best possible person for the job.

First, let’s talk about what doesn’t work. Why doesn’t the hiring manager just call for an interview with someone who has a video game tester resume, who can play the games in the office, and who got through the initial application screening process? The hiring manager would be better served asking someone who already has a professional video game tester resume, and who has at least a passing familiarity with the inner workings of video games. The only real way for there to be an interview is for the hiring manager to call someone who is already working in the video game industry, or to speak to someone who has a connection to that industry.

But what about the interview? That’s the easy part. You simply call up a video game tester, introduce yourself, and start the interview. The video game tester will ask you a series of questions about your background to see if you have the experience to really be aSatyam gaming tester. They’ll be looking for two things: exposure to and familiarity with bothums media (i.e. gaming industry news, forums, etc.), and experience with beta versions of games. It is up to you to really convince them that you have all of this experience.

When they agree that you have all this experience, you can rest assured that you will be qualified for the job. The only things that you will need to do to pass the interview are: have a very professional looking resume, and be prepared to talk about games.

The Interview

The hardest part of getting a video game tester job is actually getting the interview. This isn’t rocket science, but you must be prepared for it. Pre-employment background checks are popular, and the video game tester’s resume may get them quickly. You’ll also need to buy a lot of books about video game testing, as well as the Internet, and be willing to sign up for some free beta games. Most importantly, you must understand that, while its true that testing beta games can get a video games tester hired, it can also kill your chances of getting hired. This is very important information, so I’m about to give it to you:

Every book about video games, even the most expensive ones, utterly misinterpretes the gaming world. In one humorous story, a prospective games tester was told by a gaming company that he would be “very successful” in his career as long as he kept learning about the process of programming. His response? That he was “learning about the internet.”

The reason that you should learn about the internet is that you will use many of the same tools that are needed to test games. However, knowing the internet means that you can do those things over the internet, instead of having to pick up the phone and mail the papers to the company. Also, the more comfortable you are with the concept of the internet and technology, the better at testing games you will get. After all, if you’re comfortable and confident playing games on the internet, then why can’t they be comfortable and confident in calling you up about a job interview?